We are not just a simple Dashboard able to manage all types of Campaigns for Media Buyers and Middle Affiliate Agents.

Our Platform will also provide you with new URLs and Pixels so that you can deliver your Media Campaigns without showing your sources!

Our Services


  • Save your Advertier & publisher contact
  • Have access to new potential client


  • Complexe stats overview
  • Direct ROI view

Generate Campaigns

  • Download,leads,banner,pop up,emailing
  • use your own Pixels, URLS, java-script, Iframe

Manage your expenses

  • Easy to calculate your benefice
  • full overview of your ROI
  • Your ROI per country-Advertiser-Publisher-Campaign


  • Use our platform to save your time
  • Get access to all your stats select the view you need

All-In Platform

  • DATA
  • Campaigns
  • Stats
  • Optimization
It is the only platform that addresses every freelance Media Buyer’s biggest frustration!
You can upgrade your plan at any time by contacting us.
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Deliver Your Media Campaign Safely BE SAFELY THE MIDDLE MAN
What’s Included:Trial
15 DaysFREE
Impressions Included1M /Month
Clicks Included10K /Month
Sources Account40
Campaign Setups80
SourceCrypt™ allows you:
  • Optimize your ROI
  • Track your Activities
  • Managed your web agencies and advertisers
  • Generate your Pixels & URL
  • Full overview of analytic reports
  • Bonus: Get access to our Partners