Media Buyers

What can SourceCrypt™ do for you?

Confidentiality is paramount.

SourceCrypt™ is the first Media Buyer/Broker Tool of it’s kind made especially with the Freelance Media Buyer /Broker in mind.
It’s the only tool that fixes every freelance Media Buyer/Broker’s biggest problem.

Have you been working as a Media Buyer in a larger company but want to branch out on your own?
Maybe you’re thinking about launching your own Media Buyer/Broker Business?
How are you going to deliver a marketing campaign without revealing your sources to your advertiser?

Confidentiality is your biggest obstacle & SourceCrypt™ can come to the rescue.
What about campaign management without the big company platforms you’re used to working on?

SourceCrypt™ can give you a head start when you’re up against the big industry leaders.
Affordable, Secure, Powerful, Intuitive & Easy to use!
Fully encrypt your sources. No more campaigns or contacts visible to your competitors ever again!

Take control by creating, managing, tracking & organizing your on-line marketing campaigns all in one place by using real-time insights on expenses & remaining budgets.

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SourceCrypt™ is all you need to buy & sell media in ultimate security.
We restrict access so only authorized users are able to use the platform, as well as provide the highest level of control over all sensitive data.


Media Buyers don’t necessarily have the required programming skills to be able to write code in HTML, PHP, pixel or S2S. This is why we have developed this user-friendly platform just for you. Here you will be able to configure your campaigns with ease, a quick copy & paste and you’re all set!


Significantly increase your productivity using the SourceCrypt™. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track and compare all of your display ads in one place? Why is it that you always have to log into separate platforms and then compile your data together? What about comparing your figures in one place? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could compare your display performance against other channels? Well, now you can.


Day-to-day management :
It’s time to take control. With SourceCrypt™ you are able to create, manage, track & organizes all of your on-line marketing campaigns. We want you to have more time for the important stuff. Put the tedious but necessary tracking, optimizing and reporting tasks aside that your search campaigns demand of you. Gain access to real time reporting so that you can finally see what it’s like to micro manage a campaign.


SourceCrypt™ has up to date, real time tracking for your campaigns. Check your expenses & remaining budgets anytime and in any way you like. Sort it by date, campaign, deal, advertiser or web agency…it’s up to you.


Privacy Transparency:
100% Transparent 0% Conflict of interest! All we love to do is tracking! Most of the affiliate tracking tools available today are provided by an established affiliate network. They can then use what they can for their own markets. We don’t think that’s fair so we stick to what we’re good at!

STOP revealing your sources to your advertiser! SourceCrypt™ lets you do just that…plain and simple!

Quick Setup = Time Saved
Full Report = Improved Optimization
Easy management = Increased ROI

Use our Platform & have FUN!