How to Start

Manage your Web Adgencies or Advertisers | Run your campaign | Increase your revenues

Sign up for
1. Sign up for SourceCrypt™ After deciding which plan is right for you, choose a user & password and provide your company information. After signing up you will receive a welcome email with your unique login. An account representative will then follow up with you for any questions that you might have.
Create your Sources
2. Create your Sources When logged in as Admin. A “Source” is another word for AN ad agency & advertiser. Whenever you need to create a Source in your SourceCrypt™ account, you will be required to fill in are: Name, Email, Deal type & Active.
Create Your Campaign
3. Create Your Campaign Ready to create your Campaigns in a few clicks? Simply select your ad-agency, advertiser, copy & paste your URL’s & pixels, select to included an iframe or not. There are many more options available but these 5 things are all you need to get started. You can also choose which conversion tracking you would like to use for the pixel, payout preferences and caping options per campaign.
Get your Crypt
4. Get your Crypt When you save your campaigns you will automatically see a new, corresponding URL & pixel. Simply copy & paste this encrypted URL & Pixel to your sources. That’s all there is to it!
Check your Reports
5. Check your Reports When you save created campaigns you will be able to see your reports organized by sources or campaign. Easily view your ROI for all of your tracked campaigns.